Keynote Speakers

Amy Hughes – An amazing unschooler with eight children living on the central coast of California. Amy loves to strew beautiful books for her children and exploring nature with her family. She coaches families on Simplicity Parenting methods and a contributor to Wild + Free.

Amy will be speaking on –

Finding your Freedom in Homeschooling – It’s easy to get overwhelmed with homeschooling. We are bombarded by posts, photos, articles, curriculum, and all these things that make us feel like we’re not doing things right or we’re not doing enough. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel free and at peace in your homeschool. Amy will talk to you about freedom and give you three tools that you can use to break free from arbitrary expectations so that you can breathe again. 

Simplicity Parenting – Simplify your homeschool using the simplicity parenting principles.

Jennifer Pepito – A homeschooling mom of 25 years and the founder of The Peaceful Press curriculum that promotes connection between parent and children. Her efforts to give her own seven children a Charlotte Mason education inspired her to create the curriculum. The Peaceful Press is an affordable and life giving option to families.

Jennifer will be speaking on –

Homeschooling with insight – Make your homeschool rhythm more simple, effective, and peaceful. Many homeschool days are disrupted when we assume that our children will relate to the world in the same way that we do. When we homeschool with insight, we can formulate a daily, weekly and yearly rhythm that honors the individuality of each of our children, and work to bring out the best in each one of them.

Divine Education with Charlotte Mason – A Charlotte Mason education can awaken your children to the beauty of the world around them, and to the unfolding potential in their own life to impact the world for good. In this workshop, Jennifer shares some of the wisdom of Charlotte Mason, and how to incorporate it into your own homeschool program in a way that is simple, but deeply enriching. 

Kevin Kiley – On November 8, 2016, California State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley was elected to represent the 6th Assembly District, which includes Placer, Sacramento, and El Dorado counties. He serves as Vice-Chair of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee, and is a member of the, Higher Education, Housing and Community Development, Judiciary, and Joint Legislative Audit committees.

Before being elected to the State Assembly, Kevin represented the People of California as a Deputy Attorney General in cases involving convicted felons. He has taken this commitment to the safety of Californians to the Legislature, where he has authored legislation to protect victims and support law enforcement.

Earlier in his career, Kevin taught tenth-grade English at an inner city public high school, where he chaired the English department and led his students to significant academic gains. The son of a special education teacher, Kevin is working to advance educational opportunity for all Californians, with measures to expand parental choice and access to career education.

Kevin was born and raised in the communities of the Sixth Assembly District, and graduated as a member of Granite Bay High School’s fifth graduating class. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, a law degree from Yale, and a master’s in secondary education from Loyola Marymount. He has also served as an adjunct professor at McGeorge School of Law.

Assemblyman Kiley will be speaking on –

How to protect homeschooling rights and school choice here in California, there will also be time for Q and A with Assemblyman Kiley.